Fetrotech Tool and ECU Bench Tool Which is Better?

By | September 19, 2022

EDC16 MG1 MD1 ECU programmers Fetrotech Tool and ECU Bench Tool which one is better?


Check the table comparison below:

Item Fetrotech Tool ECU Bench Tool
Image Fetrotech Tool Black Ecu Bench Tool
Software version Fetrotech 1.2.7 AMT Bench Service Tool V1.0.7.9
Activation Yes, require activation  Don’t need activation
Update Update by link Update by link. Never update software online
Offline/Online offline Better use offline software
Operation mode Bench Bench
Free VR files Yes, via VZ-performance center Yes, via ECUHelp 3.0
Checksum correction Yes Yes
EDC16 ECUs Yes Yes
EDC17 Yes Yes
MED17 Yes Yes
Bosch MD1 MG1 Yes Yes
VAG Volvo MED9 Yes Yes
Operating system Win7, 8, 10, 11 Win7, 8, 10, 11, cpu inter i5, 8G RAM, better WIN10 Pro

In sum:

Fetrotech tool software is encrypted, it requires activation. Installation requires a modern laptop.

ECU bench tool does not need activation and software is easier to install. But it is less stable than fetrotech. Fetrotech is a good buy once they solve the installation problem.

Fetrotech has better technical support as it is from pcmtuner team. You can check wiring diagrams in pcmtuner app.

Don’t update both tools online. Update by link once new version comes out.