Foxflash 1.3.8 Download Problem Solution

By | November 17, 2023

Some users reported they had problems downloading the latest foxflash 1.3.8 update. collects some common problems and solutions.

Foxflash Update 2

Problem 1:

‘An error occured while trying to download file’

trying to install it but getting this error,  I tried with two different laptops.

Foxflash An Error Occurred 1


The foxflash manager version is tool old. Delete current manager, and download new foxflash manager from

Press the Download button and wait 5-10 minutes to start to download.

If still not working, try solution here



Problem 2:

Error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object”

Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object 1

Your system is missing net framework and runtime.

Change another laptop or install net framework and runtime.

See also:



Problem 3:

Error  ‘An unhandled exception in the application.”

Foxflash Unhandled Exception In The Application


Your operating system is missing patch and .net framework.

Download and install patch and net framework online (google search).




Problem 4:

Error invalid class after update to 1.3.8. Reinstall but same error.

Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object 2


System issue. Install Foxflash manager on a CLEAN operating system. It should be fine.

Foxflash Update 1

Foxflash Update 3



Problem 5:

After press Download, it keeps on downloading and no response

Foxflash Keep Downloading


The server is busy. Just wait patiently. They will expand server storage soon.



Problem 6:

I want the Delco E92 and it’s in the new update but no matter what I try it won’t update and I can’t find the Delco E92 Bench.



Go to full system check that driver after update.