Foxflash Benz CRD2/DCM3.5 Read OK Write Error Solution

By | February 25, 2024

Here is the solution to Foxflash Mercedes Benz CRD2 or DCM3.5 ECU read ok but failed to write problem.


For example:

Ecu Delphi CRD2.30 OM651 Mercedes Sprinter 95KW 906
Ecu read obd file is done ok
Ecu write errors, Write gets to 0 percent now it’s a non starter

Foxflash CRD2 Sk1 Error 1

Foxflash CRD2 Sk1 Error 2


Kess v2/kess3 for write, foxflash bricked to write.
You must write in recovery option with kess the file of read foxflash. Write original file back with kess in recovery mode.

You can also use flex do recovery then start then kess read/write no problem.
We recommend bench on this ecu. Obd protocols i skip if possible.



Recovery by clone kess and read and write van now started.

Kess V2 Dcm2.3