Foxflash Bricked Audi ME7.1 ECU Solution

By | June 10, 2024


AUDI A6 Allroad 2.7T 250KM ME7.1.
There is communication, engine cannot start after reading with foxflash. It’s happened after reading via OBD.
Fault code: 18089 / P1681 – Programming Not Finished

Foxflash Bricked ME7.1 1


Bad checksum. Many tools do not correct checksum for this ECU by OBD including foxflash.

Do manual checksum.

Had the same on a me7.5.10 last time, had to open and write in boot and all fine.

Try write original file back (boot).
If car not start remove chip from ecu and find flash 367582 write to chip (chip 29f800bt) then car start. Now you can try boot again read file mod make checksum ( winols) write back. Thats all.

Foxflash Bricked ME7.1 2 Foxflash Bricked ME7.1 3