Foxflash Cannot Read BMW EDC16C1 Solution

By | August 11, 2023

Here comes the problem:

A user reported that he cannot connect BMW ECU EDC16C1 with foxflash tool. failed to read, tried 3 different pinouts according to instructions on software with no result.

Foxflash Bmw Edc16c1 1

Possible Reason:

Different HW version.

Pinout on FoxFlash could work for other c1 versions but not for this one.



1.Check connection and power supply

Pinout (K-Line):

*Watch white cable because there is also a white/red cable in package.

Foxflash Bmw Edc16c1 2

If error remains,

2.Try Pinout (with CAN-Line)

PIN1&7 — 12V


PIN8 — Kline

PIN46 — CanH

PIN33 — CanL

Connect it on Bench Mode.

If error remains, remove Bench Box,

and connect to device on OBD Mode using GT100 Breakout Box + an extra power supply



I have a connection with the ecu!

Foxflash Bmw Edc16c1 3

Foxflash Bmw Edc16c1 4