Foxflash Failed to Clone Audi MED17.1.1?

By | March 31, 2024

It is a Med17.1.1 Audi RS5 bench not ok with foxflash.  8T1907560E Hw 005.
Tprot update, Password boot ok, read no ok.
Read no ok ❌️
Foxflash saves file password but impossible to Read/Write this ecu.

in boot mode password vag tprot8 ok, after reading it says not have the password. Even ktag & pcmflash dont read him.



Possible reason & solution:

MED17 vag not clonable with foxflash/kt200 etc.

otp zone not clonable you need a good tool that allows you to copy the PIN / MAC / CS / VIN, either you turn off taura a safe default on the counter however given that the pins and all will not respond, or you adapt with odis online.



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