Foxflash Failed to Read BMW EDC17CP02 via OBD?

By | March 3, 2024


I’m new to the job, today I read a BMW EDC17CP02 ECU with foxflash tool, catch Obd, and when I wanted to write the tab with dpf off at 100%, I had an error.

Any solution?
Foxflash Bmw Edc17cp02 Obd Error 1


EDC17CP02 has some various hardware with different types of tuning protection, that’s why some work obd and some not.
So just to be sure, never have to guess and look – just bench them all for piece of mind.

It’s a 5 minutes job to take the ecu out to bench it and get a full backup! do it and you can be super safe!


Foxflash Bmw Edc17cp02 Obd Error 2

If foxflash failed to read BMW EDC17CP02 on bench, check possible solution here