Foxflash Failed to Read Renault SID306 by OBD?

By | October 10, 2023

Foxflash tool failed to read and write Dacia Duster SID306 ECU via OBD? voltage is 13V+.

Foxflash Renault Sid305

If fail to read SID306 by OBD, try boot mode.


Foxflash SID306 boot pinout


SIEMENS CONTINENTAL SID305/SID306 V.1 [ TC1766 INT.F.] – Renault, Nissan

Read and Write ECU

Connect with the multifunction cable the following pinout and the boot shown below.
Use the driver:
→ SAK TC1766

Foxflash Sid306 Boot 1

Foxflash Sid306 Boot 2

Below we show 2 alternative methods of booting in the absence of the D48CB02 cable.

Foxflash Sid306 Boot 3

Some hardware versions only boot in the following way:

Foxflash Sid306 Boot 4

If OBD and boot all fail, the ECU is encrypted and it is not supported by foxflash.