Foxflash Failed to Read Toyota ME7.9.5 ECU via OBD?

By | May 20, 2024


Why doesn’t foxflash let me read files? Toyota aygo Bosch ME7.9.5 ECU via OBD mode. the “read file” button is not lit.

Foxflash Toyota ME7.9.5


Foxflash does not have VR option for this ECU.
Can only write map over OBD.
Need to read on bench or boot mode.


Foxflash pinout ME7.9.5 Bench mode

Foxflash Toyota ME7.9.5 Bench Pinout



Foxflash ME7.9.5 Boot pinout

need to connect 2 resistances of 1000 Ω

To read and write use the following driver:
→ ST10Fxx
→ ST10F273 / ST10F275 / ST10F276 *K

Foxflash Toyota ME7.9.5 Boot Pinout