Foxflash Failed to Read Volvo SID803 in BDM Solution

By | February 5, 2023


Error micro not recognized when reading Volvo SIEMENS SID803 ECU using foxflash programmer. In BDM mode it does not go. Any solution?
Foxflash Sid803 Bdm Error 1 Foxflash Sid803 Bdm Error 2 Foxflash Sid803 Bdm Error 3


The power supply (12v) which came in the box will not help you with this ecu. Use a lab power supply. Had this problem with the power supply from the box only for this ecu. Changed to lab power supply and went ok. Some succeeded with 12.5v and some with 14v. Try and see.



Power supply was a problem. With 14V read, write is OK

Foxflash Sid803 Bdm Error 4

FYI: How to read Siemens SID803 with foxflash in bdm mode?

Connect multifunction cable as follows:

Foxflash Read Sid803 Bdm 1

Solder the dip/sip connectors on the pcb:

Insert Siemens/Marelli adapter as in photo:

Foxflash Read Sid803 Bdm 2

To read and write use the following driver:
→ MPC55x/56x