Foxflash MAN EDC17CV42 Error Unlock Password?

By | July 17, 2023


After write in ecu with foxflash tool ecu is bricked, ecu is EDC17CV42 Man Tgs 2014. Have full beckup and no work write File with backup, problem password. Ecu work read File and No work write. Any advice?

Foxflash EDC17CV42


You need to find password.
Search password in flash file (tool boot password) and then you can write.

Try to search in obd file but normally it will do in bench, but you can try with obd file.
Since time better to make backup in bench before try to obd.
Once you already extracted the password, read write normally.

Foxflash EDC17CV42 2

Foxflash EDC17CV42 3