Foxflash PCM Ktag Failed to Read VAG MED17.5.5 Solution

By | April 25, 2024

Here comes the user feedback on VAG MED17.5.5 ECU:


VAG Med17.5.5 tc1766 ECU

Foxflash boot mode, error on bench (worng driver selected)

So tried tc1767 driver ( software prompts same error )
Original pcmflash on bench also error (too high tprot).
Ktag clone also error.

Back to foxflash boot mode …error unlock password.
Selected Tools boot obd password for vag tprot8+ with different pinout and got the password saved.
After that everything went smoothly in boot mode.
Normally these bench-jobs don’t take long , this one got a little out of hand but foxflash saved the day after all.

Foxflash Med17.5.5