Foxflash Pinout to Mercedes SIEMENS VDO MSM 2.0

By | April 23, 2023

Foxflash programmer will read and write Mercedes Benz gasoline SIEMENS VDO MSM2.0 ECU on bench.


Here is the fox flash pinout to MSM 2.0.

Foxflash Mercedes Msm 20

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Siemens ECUS

1.4/1.6 Siemends VDO MSM 2.0 FULL SYSTEM



If old and new ecu have read flash and eeprom without problem. Write not work with foxflash. Have error. Cannot write any file as shown image below:

Foxflash Mercedes Msm 20 1

Don’t connect bench box.

After read flash/eprom – Disconnect ecu and restart software (unplug foxflash) – restart Then connect again, Write flash, Also try lower power only need 14v on this ecu.