FoxFlash PSA EDC17C60 Car Not Start Solution

By | February 13, 2023


Foxflash ecu programmer wrote PSA EDC17C60 mod without checksum (forgot it patches tprot) car didn’t start. Wrote back the original file with automatic checksum by Foxflash. Still doesn’t start.  Write original file, when asked me to want foxflash to calculate the checksum click NO, still same issue, Any solution?

Foxflash Psa Edc17c60 Car Not Start

Feedback & Solution:

Issue solved. Basically, eeprom was the culprit. Read eeprom again and compare with original eeprom read. When you write file without tprot off you need to rewrite the original eeprom and flash. Then write mod file preferably with manual tprot off and manual checksum and skip request by foxflash.