Foxflash Read and Wite Renault Midlum 280 TRW EMS2.2 via OBD

By | February 22, 2024

Foxflash new feedback:

Renault midlum 280 Trw ems2.2 (truck)
Read obd ok
Write obd ok
Checksum by foxflash.
Read 8 min

Write 2 steps: 1 for 17 minutes (with 2 interruptions of 120 seconds) 1 for 7.45 minutes

Obd only 64kb file.  src off ok.

Foxflash Renault Truck Trw Ems2.2 2 Foxflash Renault Truck Trw Ems2.2 3

Foxflash will also read Renault Midlum EMS 2.2 via full system bench

RENAULT MIDLUM Foxflash Bench 2 also has a EMS bench cable for foxflash.

Volvo EMS Bench Cable