Foxflash Read and Write BMW 2018 MD1CS003 on Bench

By | January 26, 2023

Foxflash read and write BMW MD1CS003 with 2021 dealer update successfully.
Read ok,
Write ok.
Checksum ok

It’s a 2018 car (07/2018).

These control units can be read and written as long as the manufacturing date is before 2020. It does not matter that it has undergone an update from the dealer as long as it is before 2020.


BOSCH MG1CS003 [ SPC5777] – BMW [Gasoline] pinout

Foxflash BMW MD1CS003 5

To read and write use the following driver:
→ SPC5777 – BMW
→ MG1CS003

Foxflash BMW MD1CS003 1 Foxflash BMW MD1CS003 2 Foxflash BMW MD1CS003 3 Foxflash BMW MD1CS003 4 Foxflash FCA Marelli MJD9F 1