Foxflash Read and Write BMW 8HP70 Gearbox Success

By | November 12, 2023

User feedback: Foxflash read and write BMW E90 ZF 8HP70 transmission gearbox successfully.

Bmw 8hp70 Foxflash 1 Bmw 8hp70 Foxflash 2

Foxflas pinout to BMW ZF 8HP transmission

Attention: There are 3 versions of pinouts, you can try all 3 without doing any damage.


Foxflash Zf8hp Pinout 1 Foxflash Zf8hp Pinout 2 Foxflash Zf8hp Pinout 3

In addition to the ECU flash file, Foxflash software also saves the coding file.For writing:If you select the flash file the software will write the flash. If you select the coding file the software will write coding of the Tcu.