Foxflash Read and Write BMW EDC17C50 on Bench

By | April 5, 2023

Will foxflash read and write BMW EDC17C50? via OBD or bench? Auto checksum or manually?


Yes, Read/Write works 100% on Bench. only bench though, no VR available for these ECUs.

checksum is auto on this EDC17c50. You can also do checksum manually.


Foxflash BMW EDC17C50 pinout

For this ECU there are 3 different types of hardware versions, try the following 3 combinations in series. The ECU will not suffer any damage during connection tests.

Foxflash Bmw Edc17c50 3

This pinout work for my ECU

Foxflash Bmw Edc17c50 1

Read and write without problem. Checksum by fox flash.

Foxflash Bmw Edc17c50 2