Foxflash Read and Write PSA DCM6.2A in BDM

By | April 6, 2024

Foxflash new user report:

Backup DCM6.2a PSA in boot successfully before injection test in obd.

new calculator, never done, so a backup to have peace of mind.

Foxflash DCM6.2a PSA In Boot 1

Foxflash DCM6.2a PSA In Boot 2

Foxflash DCM6.2a PSA In Boot 3


We have done many in OBD with foxflash DCM6.2a and DCM6.2c its safe to do , Just exit eco mode in the bsi with you diag tool (i.e Autel MK906 pro/diagbox) before read/Write so ECU doesnt go to sleep + put a voltage stabilizer or cables when you Write.
So Dcm6.2A is fully safe in OBD.