FoxFlash Read FCA Marelli 9DF by OBD or Bench?

By | January 4, 2023

Did anyone test Fiat FCA Marelli MJD9F ECU with Foxflash ecu programmer?


Yes, both OBD and Bench mode work fine.


OBD mode: OK

Read and write over obd works good.

Magneti marelli 9df reading two hours, write 5 minutes.


*HW001 obd Hw002 boot, 5 minutes of work with opening the computer, FoxFlash takes a long time to read and write. There is VR for HW001 version but not for HW002.  share the hw 002 to foxflash team ,they will make VR file for hw 002.

Foxflash FCA Marelli MJD9F 2

Bench mode: OK

On bench much faster

read it on bench, 87 minutes

Foxflash FCA Marelli MJD9F 1

MARELLI 9DF – Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia [Diesel]  Bench Pinout for Fox Flash

Foxflash FCA Marelli MJD9F 3