Foxflash Read Renault Sim32 by OBD or Jtag

By | August 31, 2023

Possible to read and write Renault Simens SIM32 with foxflash? by OBD, bench or jtag?

Foxflash Renault Sim 32

Yes, foxflash will read and write SIM32 (if it is not encrypted), both OBD and jtag. No bench.



OBD mode:

tested working. for example, E85 solution on Renault Twingo 1.2: Ecu Siemens Sim 32 Read & Write ok in OBD.



Jtag mode:

Siemens SIM 32 – Renault Boot pin to Foxflash

Kit to use:
– Multifunction cable
– Flat cable

– 1 resistance 320Ω


Connect multifunction cable as follows:

Foxflash Renault Sim 32 Pinout 1

To READ the ECU solder the rainbow flat cable. Use
the driver:
→ AUD SH xxxxx

Foxflash Renault Sim 32 Pinout 2

To WRITE the ECU connect the white, violet and bicolor grey/red of the multifunction cable, and solder a resistance 320Ω.
Use the following driver:
→ SH xxxxx BOOT MODE

Foxflash Renault Sim 32 Pinout 3