Foxflash Shutdown during VR Reading Solution

By | April 2, 2023

IECUTOOL.COM here share one of our customers’ solution on foxflash shutdown problem during virtual read and write via OBD.


“I would like to share my solved problem with shutdown FoxFlash program. Sometimes program shutdown during virtual read and write via OBD – in 15% progress and dialog window “WAIT INTERNET CONNECTION”. I tried reinstall FoxFlash, change USB cable, disable Avast antivirus, disable Win Defender protections (also in registry), change power settings in laptop, reinstall NET. Framework, Visual C++, improve internet connection and the only workable SOLUTION in my case was INSTALL NEW CLEAR OS WINDOWS 10 64bit. I have mess in my old Win10 OS. So now I use dual boot Win10 – old one, and new clear one only for FoxFlash – finally FoxFlash works great always. ”

Shutdown FoxFlash Solution 1 Shutdown FoxFlash Solution 2 Shutdown FoxFlash Solution 3

If still happens on a clean PC, try a different internet connection like a friends, also check the folder properties are not read only.

quitting also occurs during the VR read if the main program folder properties are set to read only in windows.

Hope it helps.