Foxflash Simos PCR2.1 Unlock OBD Error Boot Not Working?

By | April 18, 2024


Help with Simos PCR 2.1.
Mistake Write file with foxflash without unlock via obd, error at 99%, so now can’t connect in obd, in bench only in boot and can’t write, can’t connect password tool boot.
Any solution?

Foxflash Simos PCR2.1 Unlock OBD Error

No more boot connection

Foxflash Simos PCR2.1 Unlock Boot Error


There is no obd connection so no solution.

New ecu.

You read everything on the bench and then when you read everything you write the eprom in the eprom and it unlocks it. In obd never do to unlock it
If you don’t manage to pick it up, buy the exact same ECU with the same numbers on the white label and do IMMO Off. 




Solved by new ecu and Immo off.