FoxFlash Unlock VAG PCR2.1 by OBD

By | February 3, 2023

Foxflash will unlock VAG Simos PCR2.1 ECU by OBD, bench and tricore boot mode.  Here is the instruction on PCR2.1 unlocking by OBD.

Get Identify, and get an Ori, modify Ori and during write tool applies Patch.

Function requires network connection.

First, read by obd using unlock obd protocol. Fox flash will give you a VR FILE.

Second, write file selecting complete. it will stop at 6%, reboot the writing and then, at 6% again, it asks you to remove the key 120s, then unplug the battery 60s, then plug it 60s and then press ok before turning on ignition.

Fox flash will resume and will take about 20 min. You can now write selecting tables and takes about 3-5 min. Everything is explained in the manual, so it’s easy.

Foxflash Unlock Vag Pcr2.1 By Obd