Foxflash Update Isuzu EDC17C83 Bench Boot Protocol

By | May 23, 2023

Foxflash ecu programmer released new update-adding Bench/Boot protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.

Foxflash Update Isuzu

May 23, 2023 update

May can’t get any better as we release a new exclusive protocol today! In this update, you’ll find the BENCH protocol for Isuzu EDC17C83.

Supported Control Units & Vehicles


Bosch EDC17C83 TC1793


Supported Vehicles:


Isuzu Dmax 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv

Isuzu Dmax Rodeo 2017-2022 1.9D 164cv

Isuzu M21 2017-2022 1.9D 123cv


BENCH  read is real.


R/W time:   ~6 minutes at first programming, then ~ 30s.


ATTENTION: Some of the latest vehicles might have a secure gateway.


Update method: Run the foxFlash Manager software, and click the download button till all is done.

Update Foxflash Manager

Foxflash pinout to BOSCH EDC17 C83 [ 1793 ] – Isuzu [Diesel]  Bench Mode

Foxflash Isuzu Edc17c83 1

To read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1793 – ISUZU
→ EDC17 C83



Foxflash Boot Mode Pinout to BOSCH EDC17 C83 [ TC1793 INT.F.] – Isuzu

Read and write ECU

Connect with the multifunction cable the following pinout and the boot shown below.
Use the driver:
→ SAK TC1793

Foxflash Isuzu Edc17c83 2 Foxflash Isuzu Edc17c83 3

To connect to the sixth pin of the micro, we recommend the use of a Hook tweezer:

Foxflash Isuzu Edc17c83 4