FoxFlash vs PCM

By | December 12, 2022

What is the difference between foxflash and pcm? I know Foxflash can do a lot more then PCM, but is there anything PCM can do that Foxflash can’t?

Foxflash Vs Pcmtuner

They both serve the same purpose.

PCM flash consists of 60 modules for individual ECUS mostly OBD. It can do BSL and bench on a select Few. Foxflash covers Hundreds of Manufacturer ECU’s and TCU’s in OBD, BENCH, BOOT, BDM/JTAG. It is a much more powerful tool.


They both are good tools but in different ways. PCM has a lot of obd modules for Asian etc, but cannot do any BDM Jtag work or Agri and plant like foxflash.

Foxflash has more new protocols and with the possibility of reading TCUs than pcm. But it does not have tuner account and tuning service for tuners.

Each tool has their own capabilities, no all tools can do read/write perfectly. Buy both, PCM has very good coverage but can only do certain bench jobs (edc17/med17/mev17) and limited boot. It depends on your needs, no one tool is ever enough. The 2 machines are complemented. The more tools, the more work you can perform.