How to Install and Activate FormulaFlash Software?

By | May 31, 2024

FormulaFlash ECU & TCU programmer is user friendly. It is different from other programmers, it is easy to install and activation by yourself.



Operation guide:

1.Download FormulaFLash software (29.8 MB)

2.After downloading, you will get a Formula_1.0.0.2 folder

Formulaflash Install And Activate 1

3.Open this folder, and find FormulaFLASH.exe

Formulaflash Install And Activate 2

4.Connect FormulaFLash programmer with computer

5.Unzip FormulaFLASH.exe software package, it will open the software program automatically, and prompt you to activate, just click “Yes”, and the device will be activated soon.

Formulaflash Install And Activate 3

Kindly notice:

Make sure your computer is connected to the internet with a good signal.

Disable firewall and anti-virus before unzipping FormulaFLASH.exe, otherwise, the software cannot be opened normally.