How to Use Foxflash OTB Adapter?

By | November 20, 2023

What’s Foxflash OTB Adapter?

The OTB1.0 adapter is suitable for foxFlash extended application engine and transmission computers, and is also suitable for ACM and DCM computer modules.

Supported functions:
1: Dual-channel high-speed CAN
2: Three-way BOOT
3: Dual VCC power supply
4: GPT encryption and decryption function
5: Adaptive resistance
6: Adaptive CNF signal adjustment

Product design purpose:
1: Ensure that foxFlash can be expanded to the OTB mode of BENCH PLUS in any OBD working mode
2: Achieve high-speed reading and writing
3: Ensure communication security and prevent the possibility of ECU brick due to voltage instability.
4: OTB reading and writing in OBD offline mode
5: ECM, TCM, ACM, DCM direct desktop mode reading and writing
6: Improve the reading and writing speed of some OBD drivers

Foxflash Otb Adapter 3

When to use OTB Adapter?

When you can’t get the car, but protocol just have OBD, so you can use OTB WORK, when you worry OBD brick ecu, then you can use OTB 0 danger in OTB OBD mode.



How to Use/Connect Foxflash OTB Adapter?

Connect foxflash host with OBD cable.
Connect OTB adapter with OBD cable.

Connect ECU with OTB adapter via cables that comes with the adapter.

*Select OBD driver when reading ECUs in OTB mode.

*Don’t need to connect with bench box when using OTB adapter.

Connect Otb Adapter With Foxflash

Where to find OTB Adapter Wiring Pinouts?

The wiring diagram can be found in foxflash document folder.


Can I use the OTB adapter with other programmers?
No, it is for foxflash ONLY. We don’t hold the responsibility if brick ECU with other programmers.


Can I get a list of ECUs that require the OTB Adapter?

Go to foxFlash website, log in to the browser at the above address and search for OTB to view the models and models that support OTB.
If the query mode cannot be displayed when opened, please clear the browser cache and reopen the website.
Or Search OTB coverage in Foxflash ECU/TCU Driver List

Foxflash OTB Coverage