Read/Write BMW MSV70 DME by Foxflash, Ktag or FC200?

By | April 19, 2023

Which tool to read this computer BMW MSV70 DME?

Bmw Msv70 Dme

Foxflash: Yes, via BDM Jtag

Connect multifunction cable as follows:

Foxflash Bmw Msv70 1

Solder the dip/sip connectors on the pcb and do a link:

Foxflash Bmw Msv70 2

Insert Siemens/Marelli adapter as in photo:

Foxflash Bmw Msv70 3

To read and write use the following driver:
→ MPC55x/56x


Ktag/Kess V2: Need luck.

The best option is BDM.

Sometimes Kess v2 and ktag clone read ok but failed during writing, checksum error.

Ori Kess done well OBD but takes long.
Easy to remove and run in bdm.

Ktag Bmw Msv70

CG FC200:

FC200 programmer does not support this computer.