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Foxflash Manager Update to 1.4.1

Foxflash released new Manager software 1.4.1 on April 20th, 2024. What’s new in version 1.41? No new protocol updated. Improve reading/writing speed.   How to update? When you open foxflash software, it will ask if want to update. Press Yes to update.   Why the program doesn’t open after updating to version 1.4.1? It will… Read More »

Foxflash 1.3.9 Manage VR Checksum Update

Foxflash released new manager version 1.3.9 on Dec. 26th, 2023.   Manager -VR file- Checksum fix -FW update December 26, 2023 We hereby declare that we have some Christmas update.   FoxFlash 1.3.9 Update: OBD VR file update: MED17.5.25 DCM6.2A DCM6.2V DCM6.2C PCR2.1 SIMOS18.1 EDC17C74   foxFlash Manager Update: FW update to D086 Notifications add… Read More »

Foxflash Engine Fault Code Shutdown Update

FoxFlash Tuning Solutions update Engine fault code shutdown update series October 03, 2023 Modern electronic engine failure achieves sensor unrepairable failure recovery by turning off the fault code. We are proud to announce that we have implemented engine computer fault code shutdown for the following models: BMW Bosch EDC16C31/ C35/ CP35 BMW Bosch EDC17_C06 BMW… Read More »

Foxflash Manager Update to V1.3.6

The foxFlash team is proud to announce the 1.3.6 management software update on September 25, 2023. Special customized version foxFlash Manager 1.3.6 verison. through which we will 1: Improve all VR databases. 2: Personal equipment customization. 3: Customize your brand tuning logo into the tool software. (check here) 4: Special personal beta version customization and… Read More »

Foxflash New Update- Fix MED17 Checksum

Foxflash programmer released new software update on September, 14th, 2023.   Small update for checksum fix September 14, 2023 Update checksum for mcu TC1766 TC1793 TC1797 TC1724F TC1767 foxFlash is now able to perform the following operations: software calculate checksum On the following ECU reference: Audi Bosch MED17.5 TC1766 Audi Bosch MED17.5.5 TC1766 Audi Bosch… Read More »