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Foxflash vs KT200 II

What’s the difference between Foxflash and the new KT200 II 2nd generation ecu/tcu programmer? Foxflash: free online update to get more protocols. KT200 II: it’s a separate new hardware with new protocols Foxflash: more stable KT200: less stable, often bricks ECU Foxflash: reading and writing is faster and stable in the long run. Direct update… Read More »

What’s the Difference Between FoxFlash and KT200?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the FoxFlash, KT200 and PCMTuner: 1). What’s the difference between KT200 and FoxFlash? 2). What is difference between pcmtuner and FoxFlash? 3).  What does it do differently or what advantages? iECUTOOL.COM solution: 1) FoxFlash vs KT200 Product quality foxFlash:use good materials and some good Aluminum produce. use better… Read More »