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How to Solve PCMTuner Flash 1.2.7 Not Show Interface?

Problem:  I just installed pcmtuner flash 1.2.7 when I go to open the program it doesn’t show the interface… Have I forgotten any procedure? Solution: You just installed pcmtuner flash, you need to install the complete pcmtuner package, download the PCM Suite package from tuner-box.com. Follow installation here to set up PCM Suite. www.iecutool.com/upload/pro/22030716466535964419.pdf

PCMTuner V1.2.7 Common Error Solutions

Check PCMTuner Flash V1.2.7 new software common errors and solutions.   1). After get license 1+LKtQAIEACnBgIAqv0Zgnt2BgedJkTLAla0yg==, Still need activation. Maybe wrong license? Solution: Need to copy the license to C:\Program Files (x86)\PCMtuner Flash folder. If still not working after copying the license, contact sales@iecutool for technical support via Team Viewer. Don’t alter or change the… Read More »