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Foxflash Failed to Read Audi DL501 TCU Solution

If fails to read VAG DL501 gearbox TCU with foxflash, check if bench box is connected. It cannot read if not connecting bench box.   Foxflash reads/writes DL501 TCU no problem, check http://www.pcmtuner.org/foxflash-read-and-write-porsche-dl501-gen2-gearbox/   PCMTuner also read/write DL501 gearbox without issue. For example: Audi A6 TCU Dl501 read and write with PCM tuner success

PCMTuner Unknown Device (PC Cannot Find Device) Solution

Problem: My pcmtuner device can no longer be recognized by my laptop (unknown device), no driver loaded. I want to enter it manually. What’s the driver menu path? Solution: Disable antivirus and windows defender and then reinstall. antivirus will block part of driver in system. Download pcmtuner driver here. Free Download PCMTuner scanmatik driver If still… Read More »