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Foxflash Failed to Read Audi DL501 TCU Solution

If fails to read VAG DL501 gearbox TCU with foxflash, check if bench box is connected. It cannot read if not connecting bench box.   Foxflash reads/writes DL501 TCU no problem, check http://www.pcmtuner.org/foxflash-read-and-write-porsche-dl501-gen2-gearbox/   PCMTuner also read/write DL501 gearbox without issue. For example: Audi A6 TCU Dl501 read and write with PCM tuner success

Read EDC7C32 with PCM or Foxflash?

How to read ecu man edc7c32 with pcm? EDC7 from Fuso/canter is only supported PCM. For MAN EDC7C32 you will need foxflash programmer.   Here is the EDC7 C32 pinout to fox flash. To read and write use the following driver: -> Bench mode ->MAN ->MPC5612-MAN ->EDC7 C32

What’s the Difference Between FoxFlash and KT200?

Here are some frequently asked questions about the FoxFlash, KT200 and PCMTuner: 1). What’s the difference between KT200 and FoxFlash? 2). What is difference between pcmtuner and FoxFlash? 3).  What does it do differently or what advantages? iECUTOOL.COM solution: 1) FoxFlash vs KT200 Product quality foxFlash:use good materials and some good Aluminum produce. use better… Read More »

Free Download WinOLS 4.70

Iecutool.com provides free WinOLS 4.70 program for pcmtuner checksum correction.   Free Download WinOLS 4.70   Disable anti-virus program before downloading. Winols 4.7 NEW VERSION Fully Activated software (original installer not a VM image) With alot of Checksum plugins activated WinOls software is a dedicated program designed to modify the data memory of ECUs (Engine… Read More »

Fetrotech Tool Read EDC17CP14 Very Fast

Fetrotech tool silver tested on edc17cp14 very fast reading, great.  I know pcmtuner read and write good on edc17cp14. I do couple edc17cp14 with pcmtuner, but I now tested fetrotech, it’s faster than pcmtuner and auto detect processor type.  http://www.pcmtuner.org/pcmtuner-failed-to-read-edc17cp14-on-bench/    

FAQ Fetrotech Tool Black Version

Here iecutool.com collects some frequently asked questions about the black version Fetrotech Tool. Q:  What software will be used? As PCMtuner is just info, pcmflash performs readouts. A:  It use Fetrotech software. Q: I have a question. if I buy Fetrotech black standalone, do I have to buy another module or things for use it… Read More »

Fetrotech Tool Black vs Silver

Q: What is the difference between Fetrotech Tool black and silver color? Solution: The black Fetrotech tool is used as a standalone module, i.e. you can use on its own with a dedicated pc, the silver one works in conjunction with pcmtuner. The black one has a pcmtuner port as well. You can use it… Read More »