What’s the Function of Godiag GT107?

By | July 17, 2022

Has anyone read any DSG available from pcmtuner on pcm flash key?  I have adapter bench godiag gt107. Do I need anything else?



Yes, pcmtuner does quite a few DSG gearbox TCUs, you need adapter or switch box as needs a permanent 12v supply.

gt107 breakout of gt105 has switched and permanents, you don’t need additionally another 12v power supply.

with gt107 you need to be able to switch power manually, gt107 has switch.

GODIAG GT107 ECU IMMO Kit is a DSG gearbox connection adapter. DSG Gearbox maintenance engineers can clone, diagnose and repair DSG Gearbox ECU and can also read, write and adjust data for DSG Gearbox ECU via PCMTuner, and Kessv2, etc.

This adapter has automatic and manual selection for PCMFlash software. For data reading and writing, you can choose “Auto”, and for diagnosis you can choose ”Manual”. For other software kessv2, DQ200, DQ250, DQ500 you can also choose “Manual”.

Godiag Gt107 1


Godiag GT107 and PCMTuner DSG List and Gearbox Pinouts


There are two video demo guide: