Where to Find Foxflash OTB Adapter Pinouts?

By | January 9, 2024

Where to find foxflash OTB adapter pinouts?


Open the foxflash manager install folder there is a folder called ‘Document’.

The OTB pinout can be found in the document folder.

PDF format in Help folder or check online version via browser.

Foxflash Otb Pinout 1

For example, search desired ECU in ‘help’ folder, i.e EDC16U1

Foxflash Otb Pinout 2

You will see bench pinout

Foxflash Otb Pinout 3

With OTB adapter, only need to connect GND, VCC, CAN H and CAN L.

Just check his CAN H, CAN L, VCC, GND then back to OBD driver connect with OTB. Don’t need to connect GPT.

If have Kline you also need connect Kline.

Foxflash Otb Pinout 4

Foxflash Otb Pinout 5

Here is an example of reading and writing Mercedes CRD3.x using OTB adapter.