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Foxflash Failed to Write BMW MG1CS003 Solution

Problem: I am trying to read and write this BMW MG1CS003 ECU with Foxflash.  Tried to write modify file, and failed, then tried to write original file, failed at the same place. Also tried with voltage v13.4 and failed. iECUTOOL Technican Solution: New ECU’s have clever Voltage protection, during diagnostics or programming voltage is expected… Read More »

Foxflash Read VW MED9.1 ECU on Bench

Foxflash ecu programmer read and write VW MED 9.1 ecu successfully on bench mode.extFlash + eeprom read and write OK.     Pinout BOSCH MED9.1 [ MPC561/2 ] – Audi, Vw, Seat, Skoda [Gasoline] To read and write use the following driver: -BENCH MODE – [brand] – MPC561/2 – Vag -MED9.1   Read extFlash Read… Read More »

FoxFlash Clone PSA Sid803A PSA Full System

Sid803A PSA full system cloning is done by Foxflash. Read in 15min,  Write in 15min and car starts fine. It is done on bench. If does not have bench sid801a listed. I don’t have bench sid803a listed look the description FULL SYSTEME not use box bench. It works without bench box.

FoxFlash Read and Write Volvo Denso MB279700-9xxx

Foxflash Volvo Denso MB279700-9xxx works perfectly, just follow the steps of foxflash, reading, unlocking, and writing all done on the bench.   PROCEDURE: 1 – Read the Ecu AND unlock the Ecu 2 – Write the ECU READING AND UNLOCKING: Connect the following pinout using the multifunction cable. Start the driver: CAR > VOLVO >… Read More »