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Foxflash Failed to Clone Audi MED17.1.1?

Problem: It is a Med17.1.1 Audi RS5 bench not ok with foxflash.  8T1907560E Hw 005. Tprot update, Password boot ok, read no ok. Read no ok ❌️ Foxflash saves file password but impossible to Read/Write this ecu. in boot mode password vag tprot8 ok, after reading it says not have the password. Even ktag &… Read More »

Foxflash VAG EDC17CP14 Writing Freezes Solution

Problem: Foxflash reads Seat EDC17CP14 ok.  Is this normal edc17cp14 has writing!!! 82% blocked. Even to rewrite the original file it freezes at 82%. Possible solutions: Raise voltage to 14V. Delete all your craked software from your pc. It needs good internet and a clean install. I’ve had this happen several times on different EDC17s,… Read More »

Foxflash Internal Exception Occurred Solution

Problem: I got the foxflash software and manager well installed, but get this error after installation. Error “An internal exception occurred”. Any idea? Solution: If someone get this error after installation, please reintstall your windows to windows 10 without updates, then install visual ++ 2015, then it will work.

Foxflash Jeep EDC17C69 Error SK2 Bench Locked?

Foxflash failed to read Jeep 2021 EDC17C69 TC1793 ECU on bench. Error SK2 Bench locked. 2021 have tprot. Not possible read by aftermarket tools. Foxflash cannot read it as bench locked. Bench mode uses a security exploit in Firmware to gain access to bootloader on processor, after 2020 most manufacturers update ECU firmware so exploit… Read More »