Can FoxFlash Unlock PCM/ECM like HPTuner?

By | June 18, 2023

Question: Will Foxflah Unlock and read a L5P GM ECM? Does Foxflash have the unlock service as hptuner*?



*HP Tuners offers TCM/ECM/PCM unlock service for tuning support in the latest version of VCM Suite.


Yes, foxflash has the unlock service as hptuner.


When you need unlock some ECU then work with HPTuner for tuning, you can contact foxflash engineer to get a unlock file, then do as following, then tune with the HPTuner.


1. Read all with Foxflash software in boot mode, make a full backup.
2. Upload backup file to us.
3. Fox engineer will send you back the unlocked file.
4. Write back the file into PCM/ECM/TCM
5. Try using hptuner’s vcm readout the pcm file then tune it.
6. Use dealer tool to code the VIN and IMMO system
7. Car starts, enjoy.



Not all Chrysler/GM ECM/PCM/TCM can be unlocked. Always check foxflash vehicle list before starting.


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