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Foxflash Failed to Read Honda EDC17CP16 Solution

Problem: I had issues with FoxFlash software clicking midway through reading and kicking you off.  It did it a few times on the last ECU I read but just thought it may be a connection issue & managed to read ok. It’s doing exactly the same thing again. I’ve tried 3 different Power Supplies. Also tried… Read More »

Foxflash Read and Write Ford MD1CS005 on Bench

Foxflash ecu programmer read and write Ford MD1CS005 ECU, checksum correction ok, done on bench. foxflash bench pinout to MD1CS005 Connect the multifunction cable as follows: Use Laboratory power supply or battery To read and write use the following driver: → BENCH MODE → FORD → TC298 – FORD → MD1CS005 Read, write and checksum… Read More »

PCMTuner Flash is Activated buy Says “User Not Activated”?

Problem: What to do i have already activated my PCMtuner flash 1.2.7 version. The license send by has been save to C>program files (x86) >pcmtuner flash but still error appears..what to do please help. Solution: Delete PCMFlash on desktop Then install this application It will be fine.    

PCMTuner Failed to Read Opel EDC17C59 Solution

PCMTuner flash can’t read Opel edc17c59 ecu?  Error attached: Solution: If it cannot other ECU on bench, replace transistor it should be ok after. If just on this ecu. Check wiring diagram and make sure connect it correctly Bosch EDC17C59 ECU pinout lots of C59 done and works perfectly.