Fetrotech Tool Error Key Solution

By | September 4, 2023


Hi. Fetrotech tool has Error key.  What is the problem? Follow all step by step to install the new Fetrotech software. Key install already. Any solution?

Fetrotech Tool Error Key


The error key was caused by the wrong activation key input.

Double-check if the key file inputted is correct, then replace the file again.

Copy and paste FEkey.txt file to desktop. DON’T CHANGE ITS NAME.

Open FEkey.ext input the SN on your device’s backside (uppercase letter), and save it.

Fetrotech Tool Easy Installation 11
Don’t change the file name, don’t change anything, don’t use space.
Don’t delete the FEkey.txt file, otherwise, the software will refuse to open.


Check Fetrotech software new installation guide