Foxflash Failed to Read Audi EDC17CP44 via OBD?

By | March 27, 2023


I try an Audi EDC17CP44 virtual reading with foxflash today, it reads OK, but failed to write file (i bought from tuner).  i get this error. Any soultion?

Foxflash Audi Edc17cp44


Edc17CP44 without 100% correct VR file is impossible to write.

No VR file on server matches, just read/write on bench.
only manual solutions from professionals, because this ecu should have 3xOTP.
Read on bench, then check if the bench file you read is original by comparing it with the file you bought, if it is not just revert the changes to your bench file with WinOLS and start from there.
As the VR was not on server, you must read the ECU on bench, modify file and Write on Bench. If the VR is not on server, don’t try and just write a sourced file (internet etc etc) via OBD to try to save time.
Foxflash Audi Edc17cp44 Bench Pinout
To read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1797 – VAG
→ EDC17 CP44