Foxflash Read and Write MEDC17.9 OTP via OBD on Bench

By | March 13, 2023

OBD on the bench reading the MEDC17.9 with foxflash programmer+ godiag gt100 breakout box. I want to try and write the modified files via OBD after an OBD read. The ECU data that had been corrupted is now all OK.



I have had an interesting case with this ECU MEDC17.9 that had failed and had the OTP block. I read the Full flash via OBD, had the flash modified to delete CAT/AdBlue/DPF and EGR (use a tuning file service). When I got the modified file back, I decided to write it via Bench mode. I did the checksum correction using the original flash and flashed it via Bench mode 100% without any problems. The car is now starting and has no faults whatsoever and drives very well. We had brought it on a flatbed. Another great success with FoxFlash and a bit of experimenting.


Read via obd on bench

Foxflash Discovery MEDC17.9 1

Foxflash Discovery MEDC17.9 2

Write on bench

MEDC17.9 bench pinout to fox flash

Foxflash Discovery MEDC179 6

To read and write use the following driver:
→ TC1793 – JAGUAR
→ MEDC17.9

Some MEDC17.9 enter in Bench mode with another CAN line. If with the previous pinout doesn’t go in bench tricore mode, then try again by connecting it as follows:

Foxflash Discovery MEDC179 7

Foxflash Discovery MEDC179 3

Foxflash Discovery MEDC179 4

Car starts fine

Foxflash Discovery MEDC179 5