Foxflash Read and Write Peugeot EDC16C3 in OTB Mode

By | January 28, 2024

Foxflash new user feedback:

read and write Peugeot EDC16C3 ECU in OTB mode (via OBD on Bench)

Using OTB adapter

you use it as OBD when you have an ECU on the table.

You use the OBD protocol from Foxflash when you have the ECU removed, it’s exactly how you would read the OBD on the car.

Using full system pinout .

Choose OBD protocol.

Foxflash Peugeot Edc16c3 1

Foxflash Peugeot Edc16c3 2

Foxflash Peugeot Edc16c3 3

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