Read Fiat Marelli 9DF by Foxflash, KESS3 or Flex?

By | June 4, 2024

To read Fiat Magneti Marelli IAW 9DF ECU, you have 3 options:

1.Flex in boot mode

You have to open the ecu or make a hole in the center of the inscription “Magneti” Marelli” and connect the starter through the hole

With Flex you can have a vr file but it doesn’t can’t write in obd.


2. Use Kess3, Foxflash, fgtech, autotuner for obd read and obd write
(To read, you need 2 hours, to write 10/15 minutes)

it makes a Reading in 2h23 For mj9dfhw001 fiat ducato using foxflash.

HW001 obd Hw002 boot, 5 minutes of work with opening the computer, FoxFlash takes a long time to read and write.

with kess3 OBD 1:30 reading, 15 min writing.

with autotuner, he does it pretty fast but only in virtual reading and reading and writing via Obd

Foxflash Iaw 9df

3. Use ktag, fgtech, dfox, in jtag by open ecu.



Depends on hardware version.

bench is the same 2.30 hours of reading and but sometimes impossible to write.

HW000 is ok to write on bench. 0001 0002 impossible to write a mod. Reading possible writing impossible full system mode.