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Free Download Fetrotech Tool Patch to Solve Crash Problem

Fetrotech tool released new software update to fix bugs and modify installation procedure.   Check: http://www.pcmtuner.org/fetrotech-tool-new-software-update-aug-2023/   Here is the easy software installation guide, no more software crash problem. To avoid software crash problem, download patch file here (FE Version patch)   How to Install and Activate Fetrotech Tool (Aug. 2023 Easy Version)?   Procedure:… Read More »

How to Install Fetrotech Tool Software on Win7 64bit?

Windows 10 is recommended for fetrotech tool software installation. If you have Win7 laptop only, try the solution here. User working experience: ‘I would like to share my experience of installation Fetrotech software on Windows 7 x64 unlimited. So, Fetrotech didn’t want to start after installation. I have tried all tricks/recommendations but no result. Helps… Read More »

Fetrotech Tool and ECU Bench Tool Which is Better?

EDC16 MG1 MD1 ECU programmers Fetrotech Tool and ECU Bench Tool which one is better?   Check the table comparison below: Item Fetrotech Tool ECU Bench Tool Image Software version Fetrotech 1.2.7 AMT Bench Service Tool V1.0.7.9 Activation Yes, require activation  Don’t need activation Update Update by link Update by link. Never update software online… Read More »