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Free Download Fetrotech Tool Patch to Solve Crash Problem

Fetrotech tool released new software update to fix bugs and modify installation procedure.   Check: http://www.pcmtuner.org/fetrotech-tool-new-software-update-aug-2023/   Here is the easy software installation guide, no more software crash problem. To avoid software crash problem, download patch file here (FE Version patch)   How to Install and Activate Fetrotech Tool (Aug. 2023 Easy Version)?   Procedure:… Read More »

Fetrotech PSA MD1CS003 Car Not Start?

Problem: Today i read and wrote md1cs003 adblue off using fetrotech tool. cheksum with fetrotech Car started 3 times and then it wouldn’t start And dtc ecu P3028 What To do? Solution: TPROT off needed for PSA MD1CS003. Make Tprot off. How to do tprot on this ECU? At the address: 0x2A5D40 2D 0F 00… Read More »