PCMTuner vs Ktag

Q: I think to buy pcmtuner and i don’t now better pcm tuner or ktag?   A: They are different tools – pcm works mostly via obd, ktag only bench or bdm.   Pcmtuner does boot also and bench and obd, ktag is just boot / bdm. Get both .and a full jtag kit for… Read More »

Foxflash Cannot Read BMW EDC16C1 Solution

Here comes the problem: A user reported that he cannot connect BMW ECU EDC16C1 with foxflash tool. failed to read, tried 3 different pinouts according to instructions on software with no result. Possible Reason: Different HW version. Pinout on FoxFlash could work for other c1 versions but not for this one.   Solution: 1.Check connection and power… Read More »

Foxflash Email Already Register with the Code Error Solution

Problem: I got foxflash software installed but failed to activate device. It said another email already registered with the code. But i didn’t register the device yet. Any suggestion? Possible reason: Your operating system is missing components so it cannot access to foxflash server. Change another laptop, better Win10 64bit system.

Free Download Fetrotech Tool Patch to Solve Crash Problem

Fetrotech tool released new software update to fix bugs and modify installation procedure.   Check: http://www.pcmtuner.org/fetrotech-tool-new-software-update-aug-2023/   Here is the easy software installation guide, no more software crash problem. To avoid software crash problem, download patch file here (FE Version patch)   How to Install and Activate Fetrotech Tool (Aug. 2023 Easy Version)?   Procedure:… Read More »

PCMTuner Failed to Read EDC17C74 Solution

Problem: PCMTuner failed to read EDC17C74 on bench mode. pinout was good. where is problem with reading? Here are some tips: 1. Give it 13.5v power supply and you’ll be fine. or read again several times, it should be fine.   2. Try obd module 50 virtual read. Feedback: done it like that (vr read)… Read More »