Foxflash Continental SID310 OBD Write Error SK2

Problem: Problem with Continental sid310, foxflash reading ok but writing doesn’t let me write via OBD. voltage I attached a battery charger it was on 14v but nothing… Then I have the kess3 open the switchboard but even with the kess nothing, regarding all connections but nothing. Possible solutions: Put the ecu back in the… Read More »

Foxflash Read Audi PPD1.2 via OBD or Bench?

Foxflash reads and writes Audi ECU Siemens/continental PPD1.2 via OBD or Bench?   Many tool will do this ECU. Foxflash works fine both OBD and bench mode.   OBD Mode: OK For example: Audi A4 B7 2.0tdi 125kw ECU Siemens/continental PPD1.2 OBD read ok OBD write ok Checksum by foxflash   Bench mode: We also… Read More »