Monthly Archives: February 2023

Foxflash VAG Simos 18.1 Error Patch File?

Problem: It’s boot mode read file and I tried to write VAG Simos 18.1 with OBD using foxflash software. Tried with 13.5v and without external power. Tried with original and mod file. What this error mean? (Error Patch File) Solution: You cannot write a boot file via obd, simos 18,1 obd is calibration area only… Read More »

PCMTuner Error “Process Has Exited” Solution

Problem: How to solve this please? After installation and activation of both pcmtuner and pcmtuner flash (a new tool). I have no response when trying to open pcm flash. Error process has exited. Solution: Reinstall with no antivirus and firewall, try open PCMtuner flash directly, you will also get this error IF the ecu is… Read More »